Monday, August 6, 2012

When Dreamers Dance

Simply because dreams keep hearts alive.

Dancing with enticing ocean waves
Glass winged butterflies
Mourn the inability to swim.
While leaping into breezy spaces,
Gleaming stone fish 
Dream of scaling distant heights.
Foreigner and familiar stranger 
Merge at the surface.

Diving into deep pools
Traps damaged flimsy wings
Magnetically toppling hardened 
Steely climbers below the 
Twisted parallel tracks of 
Hesitantly determined trains,
Carrying infant hearts
In trembling crafted cradles.

Frightened martyrs fight boldly
For ancient queens retreating
Gracefully across wired curbs
Sporadically hopping the distance
With the ebb and flow of 
Bottled diamond messages
Bobbing amidst tangled sea grasses
Under a stung blue moon.

Bumblebees laugh at the folly
Of children sliding on banisters
While Irish lasses freely ramble
Thundering fields of streaked light,
Futilely chasing wild horses into 
Bloody battles crossing divides
Where dinner bells and songs are 
Drown out by the clashed cry of war.

Building paper dreams 
Bigger than aged airy houses
Empties celebrated cornucopias
Into frozen wastelands,
Compromising hallowed chambers 
Of sheltered snow globes geared 
For wiping out on black ice
Melted slowly by ringed fire.

Responsible travellers check
Burdened weight of cargo
Gingerly leaping doormats
On wings of lyrical lunacy
Waving polka-dotted flags
Over shark infested waves of 
Subtle uncertainty tossing
Casually upon plastic shores.

Perch upon a rugged cliff
Consume a wedge of brutal pie
Cup hands and dip into icy
Creeks flowing through rusty cages
As energy jumps magnetic fields
Stepped down for soft landings,
Reality sparks transformation of hearts
That never wake from the dream.


  1. Awesome.... very deep.. I am sure this could win a poetry contest..... Love ya!

    1. Thank you, Erica! This one is not destined for any contests. It is my favorite. I wrote it just because. It might not make any sense at all, but I love it.