Monday, May 6, 2013

Grounding Helium Hearts

Helium hearts
tied upon string.
Marginal orbs,
Fishing, testing.

Tangled strands
sing charming tunes.
Lulling strongholds,
falling, sleeping.

Calculating dealers
slam open doors.
Revealing emptiness,
loosening, unraveling.

Draining wounds
pressed at the source.
Consuming pain
heaving, gushing.

Hollow fear
hung upon barbs.
Slaying self-love,
blubbering, spurting.

Disjointed thoughts
type newborn steps.
Reaching gingerly,
stumbling, clinging.

Whitened knuckles
release arctic hope.
Opening soul,
fighting, praying.

Cleared fields
plant blooms in the heart.
Gushing abundance,
renewing, breathing.

The end of every story
becomes a new creation’s beginning.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Curly-Haired Irish Girls

The Irish girl appears at first glance to be naïve, flirty, and free-spirited.
She loves having a good time and will leap boundaries in search of adventure.
Adorned with the sparkle of smiling eyes and a mop of wayward curls,
She frequently calls upon wit and humor to diffuse the heavier moments of  life.
If you find yourself lucky enough to win and keep an Irish girl’s heart,
She won’t float off with the wind chasing rainbows for greener grass or pots o’gold.

Valuing true love above all other treasures of this world,
She believes it's never good for the heart, health, or fortune to say no to Love.
Upon discovering this love she will be inclined to hold onto and cherish it forever.
However, she will only accept rejection and defeat in it so many times,
Once her heart has been broken or love says no to her,
She eventually learns to reconcile, and that letting go will salvage herself.

She can and will love fearlessly across the divides of time and distance,
For she's been taught by the example of cherished kin that loving and living with all her heart,
Means accepting whatever comes her way with bowed grace and dignity.
She knows placing her bet against the odds in love is never scorned by the Irish, only deeply respected.
And finds there is vital necessity in the sweeping change that
Leaves waves of angst and regret behind while stopping the growth of stone over her heart.

The Irish girl learns to value the truth from trial and error, even when it's heartbreaking.
She discovers it will protect who you are while creating who she will become.
She’s tremblingly aware her heart is hanging out for the entire world to see.
Yet, is bolstered by knowing if she wins or looses, she will survive every round,
Because to be Irish is to be imbued with a cheeky disposition and smart humor
That allows her to firmly embrace trials while seeking joy around the next bend in every road.

She tends to pour herself cheerfully, but not naively into others without reservation
And her happiness spills out with curb-hopping and other fickle whimsies.
However beware! Her intensity is not limited to the realms of lighter moments.
For she lives her life similar to that of the wild horse infused with unbridled passion.
If you rouse her anger, she’s prone to hurling litanies of curse words faster than her prayers.
And splitting her heart will send rivers of tears flowing directly into your ocean.

She requires strength and loyalty to ground her floaty, free spiritedness,
But won't take kindly to having her intelligence diminished or passions smothered.
If you attempt to extinguish her life fire with perceived or intended cold cruelty,
She’ll warn you before sounding war against you with hot fires of raging fury,
Then she will pray that God will soften her heart and lure yours away from the fight,
For goodness grows by the fire with her and she's not inclined to be a martyr on all battlefields.

The Irish girl will not live without the passion she requires for her life fire to burn.
And she may warn you rather abruptly if the fire at home needs fuel or the well begins to run dry,
She will willingly burn what she has and doesn't have to give for you and herself if she must. 
Her dreams and heart were born amidst the storms of life and both hold true in heavy winds,
And will have no regrets tethering her dreams to yours if she sees you've lost your way.
She found she's rather good at holding hands and seeking lost treasures in all sorts of weather.

She is a strong believer of second chances,
And will be the first to wholeheartedly admit she’s needed them a time or two.
When you hold onto her heart with sincerity you’ll receive many of them freely.
Those who cause her unintentional hurt will be quickly forgiven,
But if you dare to take advantage of her vulnerability or loves without honor,
She’ll pray God mercifully turns your heart before your ankle so you'll not be seen limping forever.

The Irish Girl can and will draw lines in the sands of time.
She knows exactly who she is and will be sure you know who she is too.
Fighting for her family rises above all else in life, including herself.
Mama bear or an army of ghosts are no match for the secure faith of the Irish Mother.
For she comes to the fray donned with Patrick’s Breastplate and her grandmother’s rosary in hand.
She's prepared to perish in such battles because she's certain Jesus has already won The War.

The Irish girl is certain to be an emotional rollercoaster you encounter on the banister of life,
And you won't escape the experience of extreme highs and lows with her at your side.
Her compassion will always offer you a chance to jump off before the ride begins,
Because she recognizes dignity is the key to staying firmly planted upon one’s horse.
She won't be irresponsible with the exposure of your armored affections,
But will never hesitate to fiercely protect her own affections from your irresponsibility.

Despite all of her strength and loyalty in love,
Her greatest strength is always going to be her greatest weakness.
Her heart definitely has a mind of its own even though it's been wired to her own mind.
She's learned from repeated failure to kneel and toss out pride in the muck and mire,
Because that is where hearts learn to flow with grateful love for Jesus, failures, and forgiveness.
She's certain God sent confession as a gift to save the world from flaming hearts like hers.

The Irish girl knows how to belong to herself and accepts God will send her where she belongs.
She doesn't fear the hanging of laundry with friends or looking at it for more than a moment,
And may even call it pretty because dirt can be washed away without changing the weave of the fabric.
She knows it's important to own up to her flaws before she calls you out on yours,
And acknowledges that despite all of her graceful efforts to be dignified and queenly,
She's simply a wayward lass who longs to roam the countryside long after the dinner bell rings.

If you have the good fortune of being cherished in the golden heart of an Irish Girl, 
She’ll consider you and yours as close as kin and always back you up with prayer.
If she calls you A Chara, she will be the truest of that tender endearment.
Her only price is honesty, respect, fair warnings, and the ownership of your mistakes.
She’ll never require life with you to be a delicate bed of thorn-free, hybrid flowers.
She happens to have a strong preference for the wild variety she may prick her finger upon.

In loving memory of my grandmother, Mary Jane Noon Hurne and great-grandmother, Mable Flanagan Noon.
The Irish Women who will always be cherished in our hearts.


Sunday, February 24, 2013

Walking Dogs & Splintered Crosses

Lift them up and put them down.
Forward march.
Keep that heart off the ground.
For walking dogs and battered shells,
Like splintered crosses,
Must go on.

Boots stand down, call it out.
Give some ground.
Join the softened climb with love. 
So barbed trunks and dying seeds,
Like fallen hearts,
Send out roots.

Since love grows within you, so beauty grows.
For love is the beauty of the soul.
-St. Augustine-

Tis the most tender part of love, each other to forgive.
-John Sheffield-