Monday, August 6, 2012

When Dreamers Dance

Simply because dreams keep hearts alive.

Dancing with enticing ocean waves
Glass winged butterflies
Mourn the inability to swim.
While leaping into breezy spaces,
Gleaming stone fish 
Dream of scaling distant heights.
Foreigner and familiar stranger 
Merge at the surface.

Diving into deep pools
Traps damaged flimsy wings
Magnetically toppling hardened 
Steely climbers below the 
Twisted parallel tracks of 
Hesitantly determined trains,
Carrying infant hearts
In trembling crafted cradles.

Frightened martyrs fight boldly
For ancient queens retreating
Gracefully across wired curbs
Sporadically hopping the distance
With the ebb and flow of 
Bottled diamond messages
Bobbing amidst tangled sea grasses
Under a stung blue moon.

Bumblebees laugh at the folly
Of children sliding on banisters
While Irish lasses freely ramble
Thundering fields of streaked light,
Futilely chasing wild horses into 
Bloody battles crossing divides
Where dinner bells and songs are 
Drown out by the clashed cry of war.

Building paper dreams 
Bigger than aged airy houses
Empties celebrated cornucopias
Into frozen wastelands,
Compromising hallowed chambers 
Of sheltered snow globes geared 
For wiping out on black ice
Melted slowly by ringed fire.

Responsible travellers check
Burdened weight of cargo
Gingerly leaping doormats
On wings of lyrical lunacy
Waving polka-dotted flags
Over shark infested waves of 
Subtle uncertainty tossing
Casually upon plastic shores.

Perch upon a rugged cliff
Consume a wedge of brutal pie
Cup hands and dip into icy
Creeks flowing through rusty cages
As energy jumps magnetic fields
Stepped down for soft landings,
Reality sparks transformation of hearts
That never wake from the dream.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Weighted Change

     We've seen an overflowing bustle of activity spill out everywhere at our house the past couple of weeks.  Reconstruction mode has sparked digging out a pit, and laying the foundation of a great wall intended to hold up and bolster a new family gathering place under the canopy of studded black velvet and whispy blue optimism.  Lines have been drawn and new stories are being pulled off of shelves with eager anticipation of a school year unsullied by smudgy eraser marks and wrinkled speeches lost under bedded chaos.  Change is pressing away the illusion of carefree summer afternoons lounging under waving trees, while watching happy hens scratch the ground and cottony charades transform in the sky.  Fruit ripens on the vine, weighing down branches and spilling out onto old wooden tables and work benches.  Multi-colored hot jars are lifted from boiling baths and steam burns tender skin.  Air conditioners buzz incessantly and are drowned out only by the deafening waves of insect songs rising and falling in the black muggy haze.  The mountains whisper the slipped secret back and forth that summer is waning.  Autumn begins its timed descent dropping clues of bleeding leaves and seed maturation along trailing creeks. 

      Change calls for us.  Even though it beckons from afar and nudges us along with carefully placed clues, it is not voluntary.  Eventually it sets in with a heavy, inevitable beauty.  It's gentle breezes and heavy weights can lift us into airy castles or sweep us into pressured vats.  We may make struggled attempts to fight against it like stubborn toddlers refusing to sit still for a hair brushing, but no matter how hard we struggle or how fast we run to escape it, change brushes us forward, unhindered by flimsy excuses of unpreparedness.  God knows change is necessary and can sometimes be difficult for us to flow with.  He will alternately pursue us or gently hold us through our stormy sessions of unwillingness to surrender by lovingly turning a deaf ear to our temper tantrums.  Then He whispers ever so quietly into our hearts that instead of crying out against it's crushing weight, we can discover relieving counter pressure hidden in submissive silence if we stop struggling and pause to listen for the breathed promises of a new season of growth.  When we gather our harvest of blessings with aching muscles, bow a submissively grateful head to God, and taste the renewing goodness of creation, it prepares our hearts for the protective crushing weight of winter's blanket.  Bow down and give yourself freely to God for anticipated transformation.  Allow yourself to be consumed by the entirety of the process.  So that when the weight is finally lifted and closed doors open, you are able to recognize what is worth celebrating as spring's light crosses your threshold. 

Weighted Change

A fragile heart grew protected fruit
Among pale green leafiness in lofty dreams.
Admired for it’s wild sweetness
Plucked casually under early summer sun
Set aside to ripen momentarily.

As sands passed through time’s keeper
It is swept up by the pendulum’s swinging.
Brushed into the presses for preserving
Reason ceaselessly crushing weeping
The weighted finality of change.

All that is left is juice and mashed pulp.
Maybe someday there will be wine
No, it will not be strawberry sipped under the moon.
Aged far beyond transparent fragility
Bittersweet maturity deepened the colour.

Merged in a battered sturdy cask
Black cherry tones lace earthy dark grains.
Siphoned as a kin's homemade brew,
From musty depths into corked brown glass
Masqueraded with a little dust on a shelf

It waits.