Monday, May 6, 2013

Grounding Helium Hearts

Helium hearts
tied upon string.
Marginal orbs,
Fishing, testing.

Tangled strands
sing charming tunes.
Lulling strongholds,
falling, sleeping.

Calculating dealers
slam open doors.
Revealing emptiness,
loosening, unraveling.

Draining wounds
pressed at the source.
Consuming pain
heaving, gushing.

Hollow fear
hung upon barbs.
Slaying self-love,
blubbering, spurting.

Disjointed thoughts
type newborn steps.
Reaching gingerly,
stumbling, clinging.

Whitened knuckles
release arctic hope.
Opening soul,
fighting, praying.

Cleared fields
plant blooms in the heart.
Gushing abundance,
renewing, breathing.

The end of every story
becomes a new creation’s beginning.